Weekly Round-Up of Web Development Tips and Tricks

In case you don’t follow CC Communications on Facebook or Twitter (hint, hint!), I wanted to give you the opportunity to learn about what we’re doing through our Social Media networks to best serve those seeking Charlotte web development and beyond!

Making the decision to redesign your website or recreate your online presence is never a decision to take lightly. Over the next several weeks, we look forward to sharing with you more than 30 tips and tricks to understanding and owning a successful online presence. You and your business deserve to thrive and we at CC Communications are here to help you get there! Want to learn more of how we can help ?Visit www.CCCommunications.com/ContactUs to directly connect with our team!

Have topics that you’d specifically like to learn about? Have tips you’d like to share? We welcome  you to comment on this post and future posts. and engage with us!

Tip #1: Mind your copyright. Scroll down to the footer of your website. If your copyright says 2012 or earlier, it’s safe to say that your website is in need of a deep update.

Tip #2:  Often, businesses settle and perform their specialized tasks by way of a generic, ‘out of the box’ application. Your business is worth more. Did you know that CC Communications can custom create tools specific to your business? From databases, to volunteer management systems, and smartphone apps, we make it possible for your business to do more!

Tip #3: How often do you venture past the first page of your favorite search engine when you’re performing a search? Expect that your customers don’t either…If your business does not show up within the first few pages, given a set of relevant keywords used to describe your business, it’s safe to say that your website is in need of Search Engine Optimization… And we can help!

Tip #4: When you’re passionate about something, it’s easy to write copious amounts of text. However, when it comes to your website, an abundance of text isn’t always a good thing. Focus on short paragraphs that are infused with keywords that directly relate to your geographical area and business and are void of flowery writing. Add in the meat and skip the potatoes. Not only will your readers appreciate the concise writing, so will the search engines.

Weekly Blog Post Wrap-Up:

Did you miss our post on Web Apps vs Native Apps? If you’ve got a smartphone, you know how many times per day you utilize an app to function. Doesn’t your business deserve the same consideration? If you’re in the market for an app to market your business or better serve your customers, consider reading our blog post first:

Native Apps vs Web Apps… What’s Better for Your Business?

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