Are Sponsored Search Results the Future?

Yesterday, you may have heard that Bing has expanded it’s autosuggest capabilities, especially surrounding, people, places, animals, brands, and more. Reading through their announcement got me thinking… Is this a small step into a new world of SEM? Will there come a time where sponsored search results become a reality?

Yes, there are PPC ads that surrounding our searches, but as searchers and consumers, we’re not oblivious and know that businesses paid to hold those spots. Search engine results… Is that a different story?

What got me thinking about this point was Bing’s own capture that they posted along with their announcement:


See what the 2nd result is? Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Anyone else find that odd? Yes, I know that ‘pit’ is a common denominator and the Post Gazette is large, but it still made the question the query. First, it’s definitely not a strong string of auto-suggest topics, but more, would someone pay to have the first few characters of their business populate during a search?

Please weigh in… Do you think think that we’ll see sponsored search results in the horizon?  Facebook tried (and killed) the sponsored search campaign… Was their cancellation enough to dissuade others from attempting to integrate this feature into search?

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