What’s in a Domain?

It defines your online presence. It can be the key to your online successes. It’s how you’re ultimately found. Have you really considered how your domain name is working for your business?
Making the decision to re-direct your website or make a strong impression for a new website is an extremely important decision. Not only does a domain name need to become a staple to your business, it should be an obvious correlation with your potential website visitors.

First, consider your brand. If at all possible and if your company is active on social media, make sure that your social media handles match your website and vice versa. If your website is http://www.ABCCompany123.com, make it easy on your website visitors and attempt to ‘match’ your social media handles accordingly. Social Media is not going to die out anytime soon. Even if your company is not currently active on social media, it isn’t a bad idea to reserve your handles of the opportunity arises.

In keeping with a well-branded domain, it’s equally important for your domain to be memorable; either something that is exact to your business name or a variation that stands out and makes a statement for your business. For example, http://www.HireABCMovers.com.

Also, consider the length. If we’re in a hurry and are typing quickly, it’s extremely easy to make mistakes in entering a lengthy domain name. (Let’s be honest though… Even makes happen a lot typing; especially on smartphones!) As a general rule of thumb, keep your domain name under 20 characters.

Finally, yes, there can be SEO benefits in domain names! With that being said, ix-nay dashes (-) from domain names. Yes, it is easier to actually read but dashes within a domain name can and often indicate spam behavior to the search engines.

We’d love to hear what domain names have made a resonating impact on you! We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences below in a comment.

Can we serve you? If you need assistance re-directing your domain name, making a good selection, or are seeking web development assistance, contact the CC Communications team, email us at Marketing@CCCom.com or Contact Us directly!

About CC Communications

The collaborative, whole team account for CC Communications, a web development and digital marketing company, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. To learn more about the comprehensive, web-based services our team can provide your business, marketing services that CC Communications can offer your business, please email Marketing@CCCom.com or call 704.761.4676.
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