Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Doing Your Business Justice?

If our nose is buried in our smartphones, there is high probability that we’re doing one of three things: 1. texting 2. checking our favorite social media account or 3. checking and responding to emails.

It’s said that the ‘average’ person receives about 105 emails per day. (Anyone else feel like this number is severely deflated?) In any case, estimates suggest that nearly 300 billion, yes, BILLION, emails are sent every day. However, it’s estimated that nearly 90% of emails sent are considered spam. For spending so much time engaging in email communications, businesses and professionals are sure to encounter some push back when it comes to ensuring their targeted recipients receive and respond to their email campaigns.

Are tweaks and updates ready to be installed into your email marketing campaign? Consider these tips!

1. Study Your Email Subject. There is a lot to consider with your email title… Is it attention grabbing? Is it repetitive and/or generically titled? How many characters is your title? Consider a title that is snappy and catchy. As quickly as professionals filter through emails, it’s important to be bright and brief to make your email campaign sways from the mundane.
2. Text vs Images. Ever open an email and immediately delete it simply because your mind is boggled by the sheer amount of text? Yes, me, too. Work to find the proper balance of images & text. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that recipients know the point of your email, once opened, within 3 seconds.

3. What’s Next? Sending an generic email to your subscriber list is not enough… What do you want the next step to be? Would you like your subscribers to click for more information? Simply read an update? Call a specific number? Just as in website design, email communications should guide those who engage with you to eventual next step. Not only does this approach make it easy for tracking purposes, it allows subscribers a seamless, non-frustrating navigation with your messaging.

Interested in learning more tips and tricks from the CC Communications team? Interested in allowing our marketing and production team create and distribute your email campaigns? We’d love t speak further with you! Contact Us via or directly at 704.761.4676.

About CC Communications

The collaborative, whole team account for CC Communications, a web development and digital marketing company, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. To learn more about the comprehensive, web-based services our team can provide your business, marketing services that CC Communications can offer your business, please email or call 704.761.4676.
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